With the concept of Health and Beauty in mind, B&H develops and creates products that make people healthier and more beautiful.

The meaning of ‘Jian’ refers to the health of heart, body and brain.

The meaning of ‘Kang’ refers to the physiological reconciliation of the internal organs.

‘Mei’ means the physical beauty. One should combine the outer and inner self with good manners and beautiful mind.

‘Li’ means the inner beauty. Connotation is derived from moral education and moral education is about self-cultivation.

Our company products emphasize on customer’s health and eco-friendliness, letting people know about the importance of health and living quality. Therefore, B & H has a team of researchers to develop a series of household low-power electronic appliances and filters water system. In the development process, our company mainly makes use of natural and environmental-friendly materials and applies them to modern home living. In 2000, B & H cooperated with a Korean manufacturer in developing a Multi-functional Vitamin C Shower and Oxygen Decomposition Machine, which further improve water pollution and skin quality, enhance quality of life and maintain ecological balance.

Our company philosophy is not only about taking care of human health, but also keeping the earth healthy.