When it comes to travelling, most of us tend to pack along our own kettle instead of using the kettle the hotel provides, it’s not surprised to do so as there’s so many articles written about hotel kettles being wrongly used for so many purposes!

So, we are more than happy and excited to announce that B&H has launched the Pixie Water Dispenser with a highlight function of quick heating, guess what; it takes you only 3 seconds to have a cup of tea in peace, at your preference and a choice of 3 water volumes and 5 difference water temperatures! (For more detail, please visit: Smart Pixie Water Dispenser)

Now, let’s take a look:

(to use in other countries, transformer might require)

When at a hotel, simply place a bottle water (the best thing is: buy your usual favorite brand or just use the bottle water provides), press to choose the ideal temperature and volume, a perfect cup of tea/coffee/instant noodle etc is ready to drink & enjoy!

Imagine how light and mini the smart Pixie Water Dispenser is: easily fit in a small tote bag.

Check out pixie versus a smart phone plus:

Starting from today, own Pixie and say goodbye to the traditional kettle that requires boiling time and re-boiling water that might harm the human body!