Light and Handy: Pixie, the Travel Buddy!

When it comes to travelling, most of us tend to pack along our own kettle instead of using the kettle the hotel provides, it’s not surprised to do so as there’s so many articles written about hotel kettles being wrongly used for so many purposes! So, we are more than happy and excited to announce […]

What’s in our water?

Water covers two thirds of our planet and clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental human need. Every person requires 20-50 litres a day for drinking, cooking and washing. In some countries fresh water is already becoming a scarce resource as a growing population puts more and more demand on ever dwindling supplies. Your water […]


B&H Coldstream sentry CTO+ mains filter, an all in one filter, made in England designed to fit in COLDSTREAM MAINS WATER PRESSURE FILTRATION SYSTEMS. Overall Dimensions: 2.0” (50mm) Diameter x 9.5” (245mm) long STAGE 1: Silver impregnated ceramic filter made using Coldstream proprietary ceramic manufacturing technique. Outstanding bacterial and cyst rejection Easily cleaned with brush or […]

5-disadvantage shower habits

1. Water temperatures over 35℃ Due to the coldness in winter,  most of us tend to use hot shower water and the hotter the better! But this is wrong, the surface of our skin is naturally covered and protected by its sebum, using very hot shower water will destroy the sebum  which this is the […]