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Maison Instant Hot Water Dispenser


Maison the smart water dispenser with a highlight function of 3 second quick heating, no more waiting and the precise temperature is ready for any brewing of coffee and tea!

.3 Seconds Quick Heating

.Touch Screen

.Child Lock

.Temperature Range: 40℃﹑60℃﹑70℃﹑85℃﹑98℃

.Water Dispenser Volume: 150ml﹑230ml﹑300ml

.2L Clear water tank

.Smooth water dispense design

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-Voltage: 220V-240V~50/60Hz

-Power: 1500W-1785W

-Weight: 2.5kg

Details & Warranty

-Warranty provided only with receipt within a year

– Water Dispenser Volume: 150ml﹑230ml﹑300ml

-Temperature Range: 40℃﹑60℃﹑70℃﹑85℃﹑98℃

-2L Clear Water Tank


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